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Planet Z of Funness

Pop a crazy pill and sit back for the ride!

I, Hobo
12 June
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Thirtysomethings will forever have babies and cableknits, wine and Land Rovers, Kiehl's moisturizers and Jonathan Safran Foer novels.

I, on the other hand, am a twenty-two year old recent college graduate in New York who still can't manage to trade the gourmet lollipop for the cigarette, the Game Boy for the Blackberry, or the judgmental half-grin for the...okay, well some things never change.
"crazy pills", a whale's vagina, adult diapers, aggressive drivers, al franken, alan alda, alana davis, alt-comedy, annie hall, apc rhythm, arrested development, baby geniuses, back of the line, badly drawn boy, bea arthur, beacon’s closet, beck, bernese mountain dogs, bjork, black salons, bossa nova, brooklyn, chuck klosterman, crazies, creepy uncle mark, dave eggers, david cross, david sedaris, defacing suvs, dimetapp, dog runs, dogs, donnie, donny hathaway, early nineties, elderly women, faith evans, fat babies, feist, floppy puppies, freckled redheads, fro-bu, frou frou, frozen yogurt, fupa, getting razzed, grundle, gynelogical examination chairs, hearing loss, hobos, hoodies, hookah, intentionally getting lost, into the woods, jam and lewis, jeannie darcy, jonas akerlund, joni mitchell, kickball, labrador retrievers, ladydrinks, librarians, lower back pain, made of magic, malcolm gladwell, martin short, mary poppins, media criticism, mental problems, might magazine, molly shannon, mom dancing, mom jeans, moms, monsters, music videos, naked old people, naturally curly hair, nearsightedness, neck fat, neil postman, nell carter, nevernudes, noggin, nonsequiteurs, npr, nyu, obese children, outkast, pantsuits, pirates, public urination, queen latifah, rare view, razzmatazz, robots, rufus wainwright, sally o’malley, secret beach, self-deprecation, sesame street, sexual intercourse, sheila e, shoulderpads, snl, stella, sufjan stevens, supersystem, tanorexia, tapas, the cosby show, the golden girls, the lonely island, the state, thicke, things found, thirtysomething, trio network, unidentified anuses, upright citizens brigade, vaginajuice, waiting for guffman, wet hot american summer, wheel of fortune, wishing for a weave